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Jigsaw Jigsaw

Shock-absorbing material 
used to reduce vibration on a jigsaw.

2.5 weeks

RISD advance studio

This jigsaw takes advantage of a special kind of foam material called Poron XRD, which has exceptional impact and shock absorption capabilities. The Jigsaw incorporates Poron XRD (the yellow sheet material) in three main areas: the surface of the handle, the intersection between the handle and the lower body and the face at the bottom of the saw.

ele jigsaw front page.png

Jigsaw jigsaw is an electrical jigsaw that incorporates a shock absorption material called Poron XRD into its entire design to reduce vibration during usage. It has this material as patting at various section of it's body. A user should experience less stress and better precision when operating the tool over an extended period. Below are the initial sketches of the jigsaw.


In order to test the shock absorption capabilities of the design, I sculpted a wooden structure of the jigsaw and place a mirror on top of the handle, and have a laser beam bounce off the mirror. There will be two tests in which one test the movement frequency of the laser without Poron XRD, while the other test the frequency of the laser with Poron XRD installed. A video below shows how this test is conducted.


Shock absorption laser test


The following video shows the laser test on the wooden model.

ele jigsaw ortha.png



Methode of fabrication includes 3D printing, laser cutting and more.

This youtube video shows the entire process of making Jigsaw Jigsaw.


Thank you

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