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Spatial Dynamics Design consultancy

Spatial Dynamics is the name of the 3D class all freshmen are require to take at Rhode Island School of Design, where Quincy, Gina and Raymond got their bachelor's degree from. After graduation, the trio decided to extent their RISD design experience through the form of an industrial design studio. They named their studio after the foundation year class, hoping to follow the collaborative, creative spirit of RISD.


Initially based in Brooklyn New York, Spatial Dynamics Design has since moved to Cambridge Massachusetts. Spatial Dynamics helps local startups from Harvard, MIT and other institutions with product visualization, development and prototyping.

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Our hardware community

After moving to Cambridge (located right next to Harvard GSD), Spatial Dynamics studio has become a small hub where passionate makers gather to make interesting projects. Our studio is equipped with 6 prusa 3D printers, a Form 3 SLA printer and a MDX 50 CNC. We welcome any classmates from the Harvard MIT area to use our space and join our creative journey!

Besides work, we host project themed parties every semester to show off cool projects classmates made throughout the year. These casual gatherings offer an ideal setting for showcasing interactive projects, inviting viewers to engage directly through use, touch, and play—experiences that a traditional gallery setting cannot provide.


check out a few of the previous parties below:

Ai Party @ Spatial Dynamics Co-hosted with MIT HANLAB 9/30/2023

Co-hosted with the Ai research lab MIT HANLAB, the Ai party featured different projects and demo using some sort of Ai application. We also hosted a competition with one of the Ai software developed by HANLAB called fast composer, which is an Ai image mixer/generator. All the guests have the chance to generate and vote on the best photo, as the winner takes home a custom made TinyChat computer! Featured project slides here.

Featured projects: