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Goofy process videos

Documentation is a very important part of an artist's work. I personally motivate myself to do process documentation through creating wacky videos that are often accompanied by overly dramatic music.

Below are some of the fun process videos for different projects. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel here.


Youtube Channel

Video for Ballbit Adventure

Presented at CHI PLAY 2019

For RISD Advance studio "Ai Smart Toys" taught by Stefania Druga

Project page:

Video for Memeopoly

Presented at CHI PLAY 2023

For MIT class "Interaction intelligence" taught by Marcelo Coelho

Project page:

Video for RQ Prototyping Tool

For RISD Advance studio "Spirit of Product design" taught by Soojung Ham

Project page:

Video for Jigsaw Jigsaw

For RISD Advance studio "Smart Materials" taught by Peter Yeadon

Project page:

Video for Boeing Watering Can

For RISD Advance studio "Prototyping Form" taught by Ayako Takase

Project page:

Video for Adams Machine

For RISD Furniture studio "Witness Tree" 

Project page:

Video for Macbeth Marble Machine

For RISD Winter session studio "Fiction and Design" 

Project page:

Video for Unworldly Spiky Bowls

For RISD Wood II studio 

Project page:

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