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       Playtime accounts for one of the most critical learning periods for children, as they learn how to interact and socialize with their playmates.

       Ballbit Adventure is a game that provides a collaborative environment for children to communicate, cooperate, and empathize through solving challenges in an interactive maze. Each player must drive a robotic ball and work together to complete different tasks that would ultimately lead them to the finish line.


       Through the format of a physical racing game, Ballbit Adventure hopes to show the value of face-to-face play experience to counterbalance the disconnected online interactions that children have with video games.

Ballbit Adventure

chi play.png

A Physical Game for a Collaborative Racing presented in 

Detailed documentation            Extended abstract on ACM

Project for Stefania Druga's "Ai smart toys" class. Made in collaboration with Charlie Zhang

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portfolio MB hepa filter.173.png


Flipper station

Co-op station

Detachment station

Ballbit gate

Key station

Finish line

Adventure Modules

portfolio MB hepa filter.174.png


An elevator for the Ballbits to travel between levels.

Ballbit flipper

The flipper allows the Ballbit casing to adjust orientation (for attachments) 

portfolio MB hepa filter.180.png

Ballbit gate 

Each Ballbit gate requires a special key to unlock

portfolio MB hepa filter.175.png

Module release station

This module is used to detached the collaboration module.

portfolio MB hepa filter.178.png

Key station

This module is used to detached the collaboration module.

portfolio MB hepa filter.179.png

Picking up the keys

Different keys are required to open Ballbit gates. 

Ballbit casing

A shell for the Ballbits to wear. These casings can attach to different modules (magnetically through the metal strip that is not shown in the render).

portfolio MB hepa filter.190.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.187.png

Parallel maneuver module 

A Attachment module that connects two Ballbits together to perform certain task as a team.

portfolio MB hepa filter.184.png


Keys can open Ballbit gates. Each gate requires a different key. Players can attach keys in two different orientation.

portfolio MB hepa filter.185.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.186.png

Example setup

There are many ways players can setup their Ballbit adventure! Here is one example.


The following section contains some process photos of earlier versions of Ballbit adventure. For more detailed documentation click 

Ballbit adventure V1 with user testing.

Ballbit adventure V2 testing the Arduino powered contraptions (hover the mouse over the video to play).