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MakerBot Labs: Method Spool holder

A 3D print filament spool holder for Method and Method X.

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What is MakerBot LABS?

MakerBot Labs features a set of products that let users print with another filament not produced by MakerBot. In the LABS package, the user gets a LABS extruder that has modular components for convenient maintenance. The LABS program also introduced a 3D printed spool holder design that users can download on Thingiverse. This spool holder has a modular spindle that the user can swap out depending on their spool. The user can print the spool holder on the Method and Method X 3D printers.


Modular parts for customization and strength (part orientation for optimal layer lines).

spool holder animation.gif
MARK 2 RENDER.79.png
MARK 2 RENDER.80.png

This part is design to be printed with minimal support material, shortening the printing time.

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Step 1:

Remove parts from raft and support material (no dissolving needed) (8).gif

Step 2:

Assemble the components that makes up the holder. (9).gif

Step 3:

Insert the spool holder on the side of the Method 3D printer and push a section of a PTFE tube into the holder and the aux port of the printer. (10).gif

Step 4:

Attach the spool and feed in the filament. (11).gif


Early stage explorations for the Method spool holder.

Top routing

Placing the spool holder at the top of the printer was considered at one point for better filament bend radius. We decided not to proceed with this due to visual and structural reasons.

inital concepts.PNG

Side routing

Side routing became the main direction we decided to go with. A few consideration includes: how the spool holder is installed, spool interference with the door and different spool inner diameter size.

inital concepts 2.PNG