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  • Quincy Kuang

Lego Wedo in-class exercise.

Reflection on Lego Wedo in-class exercise.

Today in class we were asked to enhance our previous toys with lego Wedo building blocks. Initially, I was skeptical of the idea since it is tough to address the core feature of our design with lego Wedo. But after letting go on some aspects of our previous model, we developed a new toy that is centered around social interactions between playmates and teamwork. We designed a 3 wheel rover that has two wheels powered by motors, which twist in opposite directions. The goal of the toy/game is to move the rover towards the final destination of the mars through a collaborative effort with another friend, who gets to control one of the motor powered wheels. I actually enjoyed this experience because it lets us zoom out on the entire picture and see what value the toy brings instead of being too attracted to the technologies. I also realized the importance of throwing away the previous progress and start over, and I think this is the best way to design a product that is actually good. With these new insights in mind, I am no longer holding onto the exact experience I wish to express through the toy, but rather be attentive to a child’s perspective and create toys that would give them memorable experiences.

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