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  • Quincy Kuang

The Veldt

Reflection on "The Veldt" science fiction.

Ever since the early part of this story, I had a feeling that the ending was going towards the direction it had gone. I think human beings have a tendency to be fearful of items and things that they are not familiar with and this is the point veldt was trying to convey through its earlier depiction of the story. Even though the story was trying to convey the potential danger and unhealthiness advance technologies can have on people, especially children, I think that there are certain areas that overly exaggerated the effects of technologies. There are certain aspects of human nature that outside influence cannot manipulate and I believe that the children in The Veldts are unrealistically depicted. Furthermore, even without advanced technology, there are other sources in our world that could manipulate a child’s mind. As long as the family is not a dysfunctional one, with proper family culture and the examples of the parents, a healthy and warmly childhood would not be interrupted by any forms of advanced technology. The story also seemed a bit unrealistic in that the Hadley couple is depicted as caring parents who love their children from the bot of their heart (despite the NewYork let down). With this kind of family atmosphere, it is very unthinkable that two children of 10 years old would murder their parents out of reason such as being too spoiled. Certainly, this short story dug deep on people’s fear of technology, but I think there are areas in which the story seemed unbelievable.

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