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MakerBot Clean Air

A filter system for MakerBot Method series.

MakerBot Clean Air is a collaborative team project with contribution from the entire MakerBot team.

portfolio MB hepa filter.97.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.96.png

Filter replacement

Change the filters with ease!

Hepa filter change.gif
portfolio MB hepa filter.623.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.99.png

HEPA filter + Carbon filter gives the user a peace of mind (and lack of odor) during long duration prints. 

portfolio MB hepa filter.94.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.92.png
CleanAir PDP 3 (1).png

MakerBot Clean Air can be monitored through the UI display on the Method series.

Production version

Final product after rounds of DFM and cosmetic review.


Initial form explorations

Through a series of emission testing, the team determine that the filter needs to be placed slightly above the Method lid for effective filtration. The next step involves exploring potential forms for the exterior filter housing.

Chosen form

This design was chosen to be further explored since it blends well with the form of the Method. Below are some part count explorations for this design.

2019 09 11 [LABS printer and extruder].211.png
Hepa filter rendering.249.png
Hepa filter rendering.247.png
Hepa filter rendering.248.png


The previous iterations require too many parts and have a relatively complex filter changing experience.

The design is simplified into two main modular parts. The team later decided to change the  round filter to a rectangular one for emission reasons.

hepa drawing.jpg
hepa old concept 2.png
hepa old concept 1.png

Quick mock up render to show part count:

Filter change

Option 1: magnetically attach

The top housing would snap to the clear housing magnetically through 4 sets of magnets. A strip of sheet metal will be glued to the clear housing. The filter is sandwiched in between the gap between the two. This was the selected option ultimately. (25).gif

Option 2: pivot lock

The top housing would feature a filter cover that can pivot. The user would have to take off the entire housing to insert the filter. (27).gif

Option 3: turn lock

Top housing features 4 rotating locks that keeps the filter in place. The user would need to remove the entire housing to access. (26).gif

Top housing form exploration

Magnetically attach emerged as the best experience for filter change. For the next step, we explored some form options for the top housing.

USB, Power, connectivity placement.

Ports placement was also explored during the top housing development process.

USB options.PNG
hepa old concept 3.png

Top enclosure screwed to the bottom enclosure

Housing with over molded magnets

Metal strip/magnets glued to the clear piece

Thermal/Vacuum formed lid

Single rubber mold piece glued to the clear lid

Hepa filter rendering.251.png
Hepa filter rendering.250.png (94).gif

Filter change illustrated in Solidworks assembly.

HEPA prototype test 1.gif

Testing printed prototype.

Printed prototypes

Prototypes were printed to test the interaction for changing the filter.

Above: older version. Below: Final version