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Extended Gyroscopic Generating Spinning Frisbee. 

3 weeks

Personal project

This frisbee is inspired by airplane flaps, except not exactly for the same purpose: the air flaps on this frisbee is designed in an attempt to generate more spin as the flaps open and close during descending. The frisbee also carries a small spy cam with air directing tail attached that keeps the camera facing one direction during flight.

f proc 17.JPG
f proc 16.JPG
f proc 1.JPG

The initial idea of making a extended flying Frisbee comes from a Frisbee throwing experience with my brother, who had a Frisbee that had a huge crack in it. I noticed the cracked Frisbee ascended and descended in a very strange manner. This observation gave me the idea to design and test out a few different configuration of Freebies with crack in them and see how they behave in air. Below are 3 prototypes that I tested with.

Out of the 3 frisbees, only F3 had some results as I tested the first half scale model PLA printed model. The Frisbee flew in a very random manner as it moves up and down subtly as it descends. I then researched on air plane flaps (which had similar movements) and then incorporated a flap to further enhance this subtle trait. Below are some screenshots of the CAD process.

f proc 5.JPG
f proc 6.JPG
f proc 3.JPG
f proc 4.JPG
f proc 7.JPG

A mini camera holder is placed on to the top of the Frisbee to record the effects of the descend. The mini camera holder also has a direction stabilization tail incorporated to prevent the camera from spinning out of control. Below is a GIF of how the flaps work. (4).gif

The final model of the Frisbee is printed on a Shapeways SLS 3D printer for better precision. The nylon plastic presents itself to be too heavy for the functional purpose of this Frisbee, thus this final prototype is just a looks-alike model and does not work. A lighter version must be created to achieve the effects.


Thank you

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