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Simple magnetic drawing surface molding tool for to teach simple CAD operations.

For: How to make almost anything

Project by: Quincy Kuang


One of the key features that is often used in Parametric CAD modeling software is the extrude and extrude cut features, where user through drawing a 2D sketch on a planar surface to extrude a 3D geometry.

For many beginners, this concept might be unintuitive as there is no direct translation with real-life phenomenon.

Thus, I borrow the popular play children's toy, the magnetic drawing board to create a interface that can cut clay into whatever shape the user draw. The goal of this interface is not to create an accurate tool for molding clay but to design an fun experience to understand the basic concept of extrude operations in CAD software.


How it works:

Step 1: 

Use the magnetic pen to create the pattern you wish to extrude.

Step 1.5: 

Check if the pattern is correct, not use the back of the pen to erase.

Step 2: 

Slide over the ball tray, and push down the drawing platform.

Step 3: 

Take out the clay storage.

Step 4: 

Debur the clay and remove the push pins to reveal the extruded pattern.

Step 5: 

Finished! Not perfect but the heart pattern is clearly visible


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