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portfolio MB hepa filter.png

MakerBot Clean Air

A filter system for MakerBot Method series.

MakerBot Clean Air is a collaborative team project made by the entire MakerBot team.

portfolio MB hepa filter.97.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.96.png

Filter replacement

Change the filters with ease!

Hepa filter change.gif
portfolio MB hepa filter.623.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.99.png

HEPA filter + Carbon filter gives the user a peace of mind (and lack of odor) during long duration prints. 

portfolio MB hepa filter.94.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.92.png
CleanAir PDP 3 (1).png

MakerBot Clean Air can be monitored through the UI display on the Method series.

Initial sketch

hepa drawing.jpg

First sketch of how the filter would work and look like.

Production version

Final product after rounds of DFM and cosmetic review.

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