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Formlabs Fuse 1 cartridge
(Design challenge)

SLS Cartridge refilling system for the fuse 1


Design challenge for Formlabs

Formlabs was developing the Fuse 1 system and needed to figure out how to re-fill the cartridge conveniently. They turned this problem into a design challenge to determine that year's interns. The design I made inspired some of the features on the final production version of the Fuse 1 cartridge.


Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a laser to  fuse nylon powder into parts that are lightweight and robust. The system requires the user to refill the printer with nylon powder using a delivery device AKA a cartridge. The cartridge transitions from the filling position to the printer’s reservoir roughly twice per print.

fuse Printing.jpeg
fuse 1.jpg


design describe.png

My proposal.


I decided to uses a simple "knife" valve. The knife is inserted into the cartridge to prevent the powered from seeking through. A funnel at the bottom of the cartridge is added for transferring of the powder. A locking feature is incorporated to the top of the cartridge so that the each cartridge can transfer powder to another (for re-use or mixing).

How it works

These rendering shows how the product would work with the different system of the SLS family.

portfolio MB hepa filter.31.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.35.png (21).gif

A "knife" would engage with gaskets to seal the opening.

The cartridge attach to different equipments in the SLS system through the same locking feature. Left: cartridge installed on the Fuse 1 machine (mockup).

portfolio MB hepa filter.42.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.37.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.38.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.44.png

Left: Sift cartridge installed on the sift machine. Right: Cartridges installed on the mix station.

portfolio MB hepa filter.43.png

Fuse 1 family (mock up)

Technical drawings

formlabs inner drawing.png
formlabs drawings 2.png
formlab cartridge orthagraphic.png

To demonstrate my design further, I 3D printed a scale down prototype to illustrate my idea. I used plaster powder as a substitution for nylon powder.


The production of the fuse 1 sift incorporated the "knife" sealing design.


Thank you!

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