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MakerBot filament dry box

Moisture is the number one enemy of a successful 3D print. This moisture proof storage unit keeps the filament dry during printing.

Simple design.

The dry box features simple mechanisms for ease of use. The filament spool rolls on pair of adjustable rollers.

Large caddy lid.gif
portfolio MB hepa filter.110.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.109.png

The dry box must face backwards when used with Method since it was designed for another unreleased product.

portfolio MB hepa filter.115.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.116.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.111.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.112.png

Bottom details.

portfolio MB hepa filter.127.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.126.png

A channel inside the filament box maintains the proper bend radius for the PTFE tube to ensure low friction. A heated chamber at the bottom of the dry box blows hot air in to the storage.

portfolio MB hepa filter.636.png

Exploded view

3D printed Prototype used for friction testing.



I started off looking at some existing filament storage solution on the market. Most of them are pretty simple with no heating.

caddy inital concepts 2.png

I decided to explore how the filament dry box will be intergraded with the Method 3D printer in simple 2D views.

Placement explorations

caddy inital concepts 1.png

Filament loading explorations

caddy inital concepts 4.png

UX Work flow explorations

caddy inital concepts 5.png

Heating options

caddy inital concepts 3.png

I moved on to conceptualize the design in 3D. I started with drawing and then moved on to CAD.

Caddy drawing 3.jpg
Caddy drawing 1.jpg
Caddy drawing 4.jpg
Caddy drawing 2.jpg

I want the final product to feel transparent, revealing the filament as much as possible.

caddy inital concepts 6.png
caddy inital concepts 7.png

Spool size

Different spools must be able to fit in the filament dry box while accommodating the space for RFID and heating assembly. The box needs to fit at least two smaller method filament spools and one 1kg 3rd party spool.

Refined concepts

These concepts are more thought out after the previous rounds of exploration.

caddy inital concepts 14.png
caddy inital concepts 8.png
Caddy drawing 6.jpg

Concept 1

This version incorporates sharp edges in it's design to establish visual cohesion with the Method 3D printer

caddy inital concepts 13.png


Dock for PTFE

Desiccant compartment

caddy inital concepts 9.png

Explored two option for routing.

caddy inital concepts 10.png



RFID reading

If the caddy has a display, connectivity is not needed. The user can use the pug for material recognition

caddy animation 1.gif
caddy animation 2.gif
caddy animation 3.gif

Three concept for opening the caddy.


Printed prototype.

Concept 2

This concept features a more curve out look to match the new heater placement decision.

Caddy drawing 11.jpg
Caddy drawing 10.jpg
Caddy drawing 9.jpg
Caddy drawing 5.jpg
caddy inital concepts 15.png
caddy inital concepts 17.png

USB port


DSC09440.jpg (97).gif

Concept 3

caddy solidworks 19.gif
caddy inital concepts 23.png

Lid on a spring loaded slider that opens vertically.

caddy solidworks 20.gif
caddy inital concepts 24.png

Concept 4

Lid opens from the top, the filament is loaded through a channel on the inside of the caddy.

Concept 5

A iteration of concept 2 but with a flat sealing face for gasket.

caddy solidworks 21.gif

Final concept development

This is the chosen concept that has top opening lid with an area for loading filament at the front. 

caddy inital concepts 36.png

Area for filament switch 

Opening for loading filament

caddy inital concepts 27.png

Dimension for filament bend radius is carefully considered as it affects will add unwanted friction to the filament loading process.

Form explorations

With considerations to how the caddy will look with Method, I worked on a series of explorations with the engineering requirements.

caddy inital concepts 30.png
caddy inital concepts 33.png
caddy inital concepts 31.png
caddy inital concepts 35.png
caddy inital concepts 32.png
caddy inital concepts 34.png

RFID reading explorations

One major challenge for this stage of the design is to figure out how to accommodate RFID reading for two different size spools.

caddy inital concepts 7.png

Spool size

Different spools must be able to fit in the filament dry box while accommodating the space for RFID and heating assembly. The box needs to fit at least two smaller method filament spools and one 1kg 3rd party spool.

RFID testing 1.jpg
RFID testing 2.jpg

We want to use the same PCB set up as the Method filament bay. I did some test to confirm the reading range.

caddy inital concepts 18.png

33mm max offset

30mm max offset

Inner bucket RFID reading explorations

In order to make up for the difference in RFID placement for the two different spool size, I look at some possible mechanisms to re-locate the spool inside the caddy

caddy solidworks 18.gif
caddy solidworks 16.gif
caddy solidworks 17.gif

Spools and RFID on an adjustable platform.

Adjustable back roller.

Adjustable roller.

caddy solidworks 5.gif
caddy solidworks 3.gif
caddy solidworks 4.gif
caddy solidworks 2.gif

Spools on adjustable rollers

Spools and RFID on an adjustable roller with guide

Spools and RFID on an adjustable platform v2

This concept below is ultimately chosen for it's simplicity.

caddy solidworks.gif

Mechanical development

The following pictures/ videos documents some of the mechanical developments of the caddy.

Top lid and lock mechanism

caddy solidworks 7.gif
caddy solidworks 8.gif
caddy solidworks 9.gif
caddy solidworks 22.gif

Chosen design

Caddy lid solidworks.png
Caddy lid solidworks 2.png

Printed prototype

caddy lid prototype.gif
caddy lid prototype 2.gif

PTFE securement explorations

caddy solidworks 14.gif
caddy solidworks 11.gif
caddy solidworks 15.gif
caddy solidworks 12.gif
caddy solidworks 13.gif
caddy solidworks 6.gif
caddy solidworks 10.gif

Chosen design: Silicone housing for securement and moisture sealing. 3D printed prototype below.

caddy retention and filament switch.png
caddy retention and filament switch 2.png
caddy ptfe retention.gif

Base prototype: for friction testing

caddy inital concepts 40.png
caddy inital concepts 41.png
caddy inital concepts 39.png

PCB place holder

Upper PTFE constraint

Funnel prototype


Lower PTFE constraint

PTFE exist port

PTFE exist port

Funnel prototype

caddy inital concepts 37.png
caddy inital concepts 38.png
caddy inital concepts 42.png
IMG_9569 (1).JPG

Thank you! 

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