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Boeing watering can

Airplane-like watering can.

2.5 weeks

RISD advance studio

Who said watering cans can't look high tech? Boeing watering can is a unique looking watering can that has the outlook of an airplane.


The extrusion serves to mimic the design of an airplane's turbine.

These casings give the watering can a segmented aesthetics.

boeing watering can rework (2).jpg

One of the extrusions would have a filter inside for grey water re-usage. When refilling the can with water, a user would rotate the watering can to its side; this motion is designed to mimic the turning of an airplane in flight.

3D printed scale model.

SLS, SLA printed working scale models.


From SolidWorks to woodturning.

Youtube video.

Entire video documentation.

Thank you

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