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Transformable Lamp

A transforming ambient lamp

The final project of Transformable design with the famous Chuck Hobberman. Our idea was simple: How would light source reflect inside a prism structure as at moves and transform.

Collaborative efforts with: Kai Zhang, Danning Liang

Special Thanks to Yang Liu and Duan Youtian.

Structure exploration

Throughout the semester our team explored various transformable structures to evaluate which geometry would best bring out the reflection of the light.

Mechanism movements


Panel design

portfolio MB hepa filter.1.png
transformable lamp.5.png

There are 10 unique panel design per build with each module requiring 20 panels. For this prototype, we primiarly used SLS nylon prints and some PLA prints.

transformable lamp.3.png
transformable lamp.4.png
portfolio MB hepa filter.2.png

Modules are connected to a base that is sandwiched between the metal stand.


Final prototype gallery


Thank you!

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